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Mergers & Acquisitions

The objective of selling and/or buying a company implies sensitive, attentive, careful, hard and objective work, whether in its procurement (regardless of whether we are supporting the seller or the buyer) or in the analysis of potential opportunities.


WISE Consulting is, as a result of its more than 40 years of experience in the management consulting market, a specialist in Mergers & Acquisitions processes and develops a totally customized work throughout the process, guaranteeing its confidentiality.


Sales Process

Company/Business Profile

We prepare the Presentation of the Company/Business (which can take the form of a Blind Profile), with its profile, activity and internal and external framework;

Identification of potential buyers

We act proactively and dynamically in identifying potential buyers, using our local contacts and/or the international network to which we belong;


We carry out the assessment, obtaining a reference value for the transaction, using internationally accepted models;

Documentation preparation

We support the preparation of documentation, with the necessary information for the different stages of the sales process, including a vendor due diligence report and data room organization;

Contact with potential buyers

In these contacts, we act with diligence but also with caution, only releasing information according to the evolution of the process and the interest shown by potential buyers;


We support the defined business strategy and its evolution, based on the Client's guidelines;

Post transaction

We advise on the definition and execution of restructuring plans, in cases of partial disposal of the businesses;

Buying Process

Target Companies Identification

This identification is done in a proactive and dynamic way using local contacts and/or the international network to which we belong;

Approach to Target Companies

We use an appropriate approach and communication, always guaranteeing the buyer's confidentiality (according to the client's guidelines);


We obtain a reference value of the transaction, determined through valuation models accepted and used internationally;


We support the definition and execution of the business strategy, in accordance with our client’s goals;

Due diligence

We carry out due diligence, with specialized teams, analyzing and assessing the risks of changing the ownership of capital and the future evolution of the activity;


Conclusion of the negotiation process

We provide all assistance for finalizing negotiations, final agreements and structuring the transaction;


Post transaction

We advise on the implementation of integration plans and their monitoring.

Acquisition Opportunities - Food Industry

Image by Eiliv Aceron
  • Mindustrial unit, equipped with modern technology, with 3500m2;

  • transforms and sells fresh and frozen pork meat, sausages and cold cut meats;

  • about 45 workers;

  • turnover in 2022 of 5.7 million euros (4.5 million euros in 2021);

  • located in Greater Lisbon (south bank);

  • more than 80 years of activity.

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